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We teach five very exciting and diverse, but complimentary styles of yoga – Mukti, Yin, Flow, Knothot and Yoga Nidra. Most of our classes are heated, but we also have non-heated classes.  In each class our certified teachers guide students through a specific series of postures designed to balance and improve the health of the entire body and mind.

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Our Teachers and Staff

Private Groups

Hot Yoga Asylimb can deliver tailored Hot Yoga classes for your sports team, work group, club or any other organisation that you may be involved with.

Classes can range from a restorative and reconditioning session right through to a challenging active muscle and cardio workout.

Trained and certified teachers will discuss with you your group’s particular needs and ensure the duration, temperature and intensity are right for you. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

Our purpose-built modern studio can cater for up to 40 people. Our Hot Yoga teachers are experienced and fully qualified. We also provide yoga mats, men’s and women’s changing facilities which include showers.

Intergrate our Hot Yoga classes into your regular training regime or introduce your colleagues to a different form of exercise. Why not take a Hot Yoga class as a fun and healthy alternative team building exercise!


For a 60, 75 or 90 minute class:

*Up to 15 participants $180

*16 participants and over $12 per person

* Price includes GST and mat hire

Group participants who are new to the studio will also be eligible for introductory offers.

Talk to us about taking your group on a journey they will remember!

About Our Studio


Hot Yoga Asylimb is an independant hot yoga studio (our yoga room is heated to approximately 37 °C ) in Pukekohe. It is a place for beginners, right through to the experienced student, to safely and quickly gain the many benefits that hot yoga can provide. These include detoxification, destressing, weight control, increased fitness, flexibility, balance, patience, stamina, focus, strength, and overall wellbeing.

Our focus is to provide a studio where our students can learn and improve at their own pace, while focusing on their own specific goals in a relaxed and supportive environment. We welcome Men and Women of all ages and abilities and are proud to have a huge cross section of students, 95% of whom had never practiced yoga before.

We named our studio Hot Yoga Asylimb (pronouced Asylum), so we could provide a refuge, a quiet retreat, and sanctuary from the insane world we sometimes live in. We used “limb”, instead of “lum”, in the word Asylimb, as we improve the health of the body through using yoga postures while changing and finding peace in the mind.

All teachers at Hot Yoga Asylimb are QUALIFIED yoga teachers and have completed REPUTABLE certified courses.

Why the Heat

At Hot Yoga Asylimb we are an independent studio that specialise in teaching Yoga in a heated room, with all classes held in our purpose-built Hot Yoga studio (temp range from 25 to 37°C). Hot Yoga has been around for over 45 years with the heat bringing benefits such as heightening your body’s natural detoxification processes while warming and softening the muscles to allow them to lengthen and release any tension that has built up. This enables a deeper, safer stretch and assists in preventing injuries. The heat also opens your pores, encouraging the skin to release toxins as you sweat, while optimising circulation, resulting in your internal organs working more effectively to cleanse your body.

In our busy lives we inhale toxins from the air, consume artificial ingredients in processed foods and also deal with naturally occurring toxins in our bodies as a byproduct of cellular functioning. You can help your body let go of all this by practicing yoga in a heated room and you will be left feeling flexible, cleansed and energized. The heated room is a challenging environment, which assists you in going into a deeper meditative state in your yoga practice. This is great for dealing with or even preventing stress, creating mental well being, focus and clarity.

We have three different styles of yoga in the heat (Mukti, Yin, Flow), our trained and certified teachers guide students through a specific series of postures designed to balance and improve the health of the entire body. Originally from India and dating back over 3000 years, yoga is a natural fit with a hot environment.

Please note we do offer non-heated classes, where the room is still a comfortable room temperature (25°C) these are our Knothot classes and Yoga Nidra.



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