Our Private Classes

We are all so different, our body’s capabilities, limitations, co-ordination and even our interpretation of the cues. A private class is a tailor-made experience especially for you, where we can focus on parts of your practice, learn more about the poses, and alignment cues. 

You may have specific goals in mind to build strength, flexibility, gaining a deeper knowledge of poses, training for a marathon, or even becoming a yoga teacher. Another reason may be to design a yoga practice to take away from the studio if you’re travelling or not able to get to regular classes for an extended period. If we are aware of these goals a private class can help you get there faster.

A private class assesses your body and creates a sequence of poses with modifications specifically for you. There’s a fine line between overanalysing alignment and throwing all cues out the window and doing your own version of a pose. During these private lessons we’ll help you create safe alignment habits to suit your body type.

If you have developed an injury or are still recovering from one, private classes can provide you with alternative options and modifications to be the bridge to get you back into group classes. Both acute and chronic injuries can benefit greatly from yoga as an additional and safe aid to recovery. (see our injury and rehabilitation section for more information)

Sometimes life becomes busy and we can’t always make the yoga studio schedule fit with your own. Private lessons have that added bonus where you can practice at a time to suit you. The duration of the private class and the temperature can also be changed to meet your needs.

Send us a message to learn more or book in a private class now.