New Students


Welcome! All classes are suitable for beginners. If you are new to our studio, please make sure you arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled class start time. This allows time for registration, information about the studio, questions you may have and to ensure our classes start on time – class times are strictly adhered to.


Great! Increased flexibility is a benefit of a regular yoga practice, not something you have to have when you start (just like you don’t have to be fit before you start going to a gym). Don’t be concerned if you are not flexible, people from all walks of life and in very different physical conditions join our classes.


If this is your first time to our studio, you can book, but you must still turn up 25 mins prior to class start time, to allow enough time for us to go over the compulsory studio health and safety guidelines.  There is no need to book for your first class as, we operate on a first in, first served basis, arriving 25 minutes early will ensure that you have a space.


Classes start on time and we recommend you arrive at least 10 mins prior to the scheduled start time (25 minutes if it is your first time), to allow for signing in and getting ready. Late arrivals will be unable to enter once class has commenced.


Please bring a LARGE towel and a water bottle. Mat hire is included in the introductory deals. Towels are available for hire if required. If you intend to use the shower facilities, you will need an additional towel.


Light clothing that is comfortable and supportive, and that you can move easily in. Avoid loose or flowing clothes – sleeveless tops and shorts are best. You will sweat, so bear that in mind when choosing what to wear.


The heat allows for a safer and deeper stretch, giving faster results. In this challenging environment, we work on strength, concentration, endurance and stamina with the heat assisting circulation, promoting detoxification and providing optimum conditions to improve the function of the body’s internal systems.


This is a Pukekohe myth and while quite funny, we are unsure why some people have been told this. We can only assume it comes from our studio rule of asking students stay in the room for the whole class. We lock the main door to the building (not the yoga room) to stop people from wandering in off the street while classes are in session to protect your personal belongings.


No, this disrupts the practice for everyone else and can create a hazard, so we ask all students to commit to the full class duration. We ask students to lie down on their mat if they are fatigued or feeling unwell and only as a last resort will we escort someone out of a class, which is a rare occurrence.


As often as you can! Most importantly line up your goals with how often you practice. If you want to become flexible, and see an great improvement in this area we recommend 3x a week. If you want to just get a bit of relief, or perhaps work on some quiet time, then less frequently is fine. However don’t expect to come once a week and become super flexible, you will feel freer for a day or too, but it will not be longer lasting. No different than if you go to they gym once a week, you would not get fit.


Please inform the teacher so that we can prevent you from doing any postures that may aggravate a condition. We will give modifications to assist the healing process. We welcome questions, and will endeavor to answer any that you or your physician may have. Please note, while we are happy to give advice, our teachers are not medical professionals so we strongly recommend you consult with your doctor first. For more in depth information on this you can go to our Injuries and Rehabilitation page.


Our yoga is NOT suitable during pregnancy – sorry:(  The reason is that we believe this is too dangerous for the baby due to the likely rise of body temperature during the practice of heated yoga.  There has been evidence to support that even an increase by one degree can be harmful to an unborn baby.  Therefore as a studio we have a policy that NO students can practice whilst pregnant.


It is common to experience this during and after your first few classes due to the detoxification process (no different to a deep tissue massage). Persistent headaches are rare, but could be a sign of insufficient hydration, or low blood sugar levels. If you have any discomfort please discuss with your teacher.


We recommend you avoid eating 2-3 hours prior to class but drink plenty of water during the day and prior to class. You can loose up to 1.5 – 2 litres of water (sweat) during a class and it takes approximately 40 minutes for water to hydrate you, so please don’t leave it to just before the class to drink sufficient water. If you are hungry in the 2 hours before class have something light. In time you will know what works best for you. DO NOT consume alcohol before a class due to saftey reasons, anyone suspected of this will not be allowed in.


Please contact the studio as we require parental consent. We are unable to accept children under the age of 14, as their sweat glands have not properly developed. Private groups can be arranged for younger students where we will modify the heat. Please go to our private groups page for more information.

Information on Injuries and Rehabilitation

Please inform the teacher so that we can prevent you from doing any postures that may aggravate a condition. We will give modifications to assist the healing process. We welcome questions, and will endeavor to answer any that you or your physician may have. Please note, while we are happy to give advice, our teachers are not medical professionals so we strongly recommend you consult with your doctor first. For more in depth information on this you can go to our Injuries and Rehabilitation page.



YES! Quite often we hear people saying they can’t practice because they are injured, that is like saying you can’t go to a Physio because you are injured. Yoga is recommended by most respected Specialists, Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors as a tool to help with recovery.


If you injury is still in the ‘acute phase’, if your doctor has recommend complete rest, or if you have extensive swelling then we encourage you to wait until the swelling has subsided, as heat can aggravate swelling, which will hinder recovery.


Yoga will help, if you practice a minimum of 3 times a week. You have to practice regularly to create muscle and cellular memory. It doesn’t matter whether you are building muscle mass, getting fit or creating flexibility…the body works the same way through repetition.


With injures there always comes a point when it becomes a priority, it is only at that point where it is higher on your list of values and priorities that you can then make time for it. What we ask you to consider is how much time do you have off because of your injury? How is this injury affecting the quality of your life and how much time are you losing there? Most people when they do the calculation and practice with us have said they actually have more time and find the yoga not only helps with rehabilitation but also a much needed stress release.


You will certainly get some relief after your class, some students have said that this relief can last for a couple of days, but it is not a long term solution.


The feature of our first in first served policy is that you don’t have to book. However, if you want to know with absolute certainty that a space will be available (you may be coming from further afield or prefer the security) we have the best of both worlds! You can book a space in any scheduled class online, if you are a registered student (completed waiver form) and hold a current pass of any type.

Simply click HERE. Please note your username is your email address (used on waiver form). Even if you don’t want to book you can still create a login and see your purchases, attendance history, update your profile, contact details etc… It’s really easy!

Alternatively you can also use Mindbody app to book a space in any scheduled class online. Simply click HERE for the link to download the Mindbody app.


The reservation system will allow you to book a space in any class up to a month in advance to ensure you have a space set aside. This can be done through the Mindbody Online website.

To make booking class spaces workable and fair to everyone we need to have some rules – please read carefully as registering will be our confirmation that you have read and agreed to the following:

Spaces can be reserved up to 1 month in advance.

You will only be able to reserve the number of classes equivalent to those remaining on your account. Eg if you have 3 classes remaining on a 5 class pass, you will only be able to reserve up to 3 classes.

Reservations can be cancelled anytime up to 30 minutes before the start of the class you have booked without incurring any penalties either via the website or by leaving a message on the studio phone 09 239 2423.

You cannot cancel inside 30 mins of the booked class start time once inside the 30min window your booking is considered confirmed and your account will still be debited for that class even if you do not show. A no show is someone who does not come to a class that they have booked.

Selecting “Late Cancel” (cancelling within 30mins of the class start time) does not stop your account from being charged for that class.

Having a reserved space in any class does not mean entry can be gained after the class scheduled start time. Arriving late will be considered as a no show and your account will still be debited for that class, as no late entries are allowed into the studio.

For those on an unlimited or monthly multi pass, we will have a 2 strikes policy, i.e. if a member books but does not show up for the class on two consecutive occasions, that member will be suspended from the reservation system at the studio owner discretion.

If, in the view of the studio owner, the system is being abused by any member, the owner will have the right to block this person from the reservation system at her discretion.

If you have booked, you still need to scan your tag at the desk to confirm that you have arrived.

If you need help with registering online please contact Vivienne on 09 239 2423.

Things you need to know (the rules)

We pride ourselves on not having too many rules, but need to respect the others in the room… so some helpful things for you to know are…


We request that you stay in the class for the entire duration. This is for your own safety, for studio security and to prevent disruption to the class. Practice at your own pace, take a break from the postures as often as you like at any time during the class, by simply lying on your mat. That way you are still focusing on your breathing and meditation, still practicing your yoga throughout the whole class.


It is very rare that students need to use the toilet during a class due to the amount of sweat being produced taking pressure away from the bladder. However in the event of an emergency students can excuse themselves for a quick break after notifying the teacher.


There is NO talking before, during, or after class in the room where the yoga is practiced. Yoga is an open eye moving meditation, and to allow for this process to work, the only person in the room that talks is the teacher (except of course in emergency situations). We request that conversation is soft outside of class before and after, respecting those who are still enjoying the peace.


Cell phones are not taken into the heated room; if there is a special reason why you need to take your phone into the yoga room, please check with the teacher prior to class, as special concessions can be made.


As lovely as it is to drink out of a glass bottle, we can not allow glass into the studio due to health and safety issues in the event of an accident.


Please refrain from wearing perfume or scented oils in class, as people may have allergies and with heat, even the best smelling perfume will most likely smell awful.

Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (The small print!)

Refunds and extensions

Please read these policies carefully before buying a package of classes. The more classes you buy the better pricing you get, but in return there is a choice and commitment you have made and we do not refund.

All our concession cards have expiry dates as noted, these are very generous on the whole but if something extraordinary happens please let us know in advance and we’ll see what we can do. We have a policy of ‘renewing’ expired classes when you purchase a new concession card of any kind.

Transfers of class passes to another person are possible as a one off, but unfortunately time based passes (Introductory deals, Foundation Membership, Monthly Multi, One off Month, 1 Year pass) or expired classes cannot be transferred.

Direct debit for Monthly Multi Members

The Hot Yoga Asylimb (HYA) Monthly Multi membership option allows you to attend any regular scheduled yoga class at the Hot Yoga Asylimb Studio in Pukekohe.

Conditions of this membership are as follows:

The Monthly Multi membership gives access to all regular scheduled yoga classes but not to specialist classes that may be introduced from time to time, workshops, or any classes at the studio run by third parties.

By signing you are agreeing to a minimum of three $120 debits over and above any part month amount you have paid to start. PLEASE NOTE – this is not a 3-month contract. The 3 month period is a minimum period only, after this, debits continue until you cancel in writing. At any time after the three month period you may contact us and cancel the debit contract.

You will need to give at least one months notice of change of bank account, suspension or cancellation by emailing Please do not go to your bank, the direct debit is handled directly by us, with Ezidebit as our banking agent.

The monthly debit will be $120 per month (GST Inc) and will be made on the first banking day of every month.

Beyond the 3 months, the pass can be suspended, but only once in any 12 month period and for a duration of 1, 2 or 3 calendar months.

Strictly no refunds are given after payment has been processed, and one month notice is needed to process any cancellation.

Passes are not transferable.

You acknowledge that HYA may make reasonable changes to the service it provides, to the extent that such changes do not materially disadvantage the Customer. This Contract is based on “entitlement” to use and not on “actual” use of the services. You agree to be bound by the rules and conditions of HYA, and that HYA may remove the Customer’s entitlement of use of the services “with good cause”. For avoidance of doubt, this includes where: the Customer fails to comply with the Rules of Use of HYA so as to interfere with the use and/or enjoyment of HYA by other customers; and where the Customer fails to make any payment due, by its due date.

Any membership condition including our class times, services and facilities, and fees may change from time to time.

Ezidebit will charge your account a non-refundable $9.20 fee if your payment fails.

Purchases made online

If your payment fails Ezidebit will charge your account a non-refundable $14.95 fee. Please be aware this is not a HYA charge, and if you are purchasing a pass via the online system you are accepting the terms and conditions of Ezidebit. Please know you are more welcome to buy passes at the front desk using credit card, eftpos or cash.  Sorry we do not accept American Express.


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